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Masculine vs. Feminine

Men don't like to shed light on their feelings. Preferably, I think, they choose to question the implications of a misappropriate action when they are dealing with the woman of their dreams or they choose to keep making good decisions that will benefit both parties. Men are more active in achieving results within relationships in terms of solving problems. Woman want men to listen to what they have to say because that is equally, if not, the most important aspect of a relationship working-at least that's how they see it. Sometimes you would like to express in words something but hesitate to mention anything about love, feelings and special moments. I've designed cards that I think are masculine. There are no guarantees when it comes to card giving. I am not giving advice but sometimes just to go out on a date and enjoy yourself is fun and that is all that's needed. However, if you want to be charismatic, to seem sincere, you may want to give a card, perhaps after the date, perhaps before. One never knows. Sometimes you would like to charm or be charmed. There may be someone out there that you have thought about but want to share more than a date with-I'm not talking about anything other than putting them up on a pedestal. You want the circumstance to fit the moment. Sometimes it is better to write something in a card. I would never be suggestive to them because often a woman does not want to be a mans toy-that's how she see's it or may think it. Some woman want to have a friendship before a date, some like the idea of being swept off their feet. Each woman is her own individual and respectively, that is how she should be treated. I like Brand C because it really doesn't say anything but leaves the mind to wonder and at the same time may incite someone to believe there is more to your story. It's an intrigue of sorts, for the receptive party, but be prepared to hear exactly what they think. Sometimes you'll hear something you didn't even consider. Brand C cards are meant to be masculine and aren't intended for anything other than card giving. I cannot guarantee you success when sending them but I think they are a good card for a man to give.



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