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Sneak Peak from Eloquentessence







Terms of use:  Poetry contained in our books is available for small business commercial use limited to a production of twenty five pieces only per person per purchase.  We allow poetry in the book to be crafted with up to twenty five times.  One purchase of one book enables the purchaser to create one physical tangible item reproduced up to twenty-five times for each poem contained in the book.  For example:  One roll of ribbon incorporating the poetry times twenty-five would equal twenty-five spools of ribbon maximum. One roll of ribbon equals up to 10 Yards/30 Ft. Maximum or for calligraphy purposes, one usage may include up to 10 yards of ribbon per use.  Large scale production requires a contract, please contact us to inquire.  We require any media commercial use to be requested by email which can be found near the bottom of this page.  Expect to receive a reply within two weeks.  

For Calligraphy Purposes

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