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Fleur &Squire

Fleur & Squire was established in 2017.  This page will contain all things directly related to some of our products.


Five by five inch cards.  Perfect for floral bouquets, in store display and merchandise.  Envelopes included.

Contact us for more details or purchase in the shop. Ribbons are new too, they'll be released in 2019.

We love the chic design of these florist cards-part of the 2018 collection.  We offer many variations in techniques also. Making these eye catching.  I've been into floral shops and find a good small card to include sometimes hard to find.  To me these are truly compelling, their quirky yet fashionable figures make it easy to send notes of fun, favour and one sentence statements without having to feel I haven't said enough.  The classic cards with botanicals appeal to a wide range of clientele and compliment a vast array of colours.


We also offer florists the opportunity to add their shop logo on the back.  This eliminates the missed opportunity to spread your name and get the word out there that you sell incredible florals.


Classic Foliage & Girl Talk Series available as part of our 2018 collection.  These are excellent for spur of the moment bouquets or just because notions.  They are great for writing the recipient's name, leaving a message or just signing. Purchase in bunches of 120.  Receive 20 cards each.  Display in store with one of our displays.  Keep the display for future collections.


Waterproof card options available for every card in our shop.

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