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Sweet St Poem Co began in 2013 with a love for the written word. Starting with the idea of poetry for craft, then moving onward to ribbons with calligraphy for decoration and eco-friendly greeting cards.


Written with modern vintage appeal, our poetry books have been featured on top blogs.  Those looking for a verse for embellishment on a variety of art mediums have the opportunity to create with poetry designed for such. Our books can be ordered through us or purchased online. 


Our cards are available for licensing, collaborators, stores wishing to stock cards and customers wishing to buy cards. We present designs ranging from modern, vintage, contemporary, etc. We print on unique card stock and work with eco friendly papers and processes. The newest stock available is waterproof. All of our greeting cards are offered as packages of twenty five.  Contact us for wholesale, collaboration and licensing at

Cards are classified into collections.  Examples are The Dearest Princess Collection representing a time when gentleman and ladies are real.  The Vintage Collection this year has a defined and whimsical presence.  The Classic Collection contains black and white drawings, monograms and art frames perfect for name addressing.  The Heirloom Collection is all of our pieces available as twelve by twelve inch cards.  Certificates of Authenticity accompany the heirloom collection.


Newest card size is eight and a half by eleven inches designed as a foldable card or a beautiful postcard.  Postcards include envelopes.

The newest addition for 2022 is the Fashion Collection.  Fun, charismatic and subtly beautiful.  Art and fluidity are found in each piece. Eco concious and crafted with care.  Working towards a zero impact carbon neutral future, all of our designs contain levels of craftsmanship you won't find anywhere else.

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